jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

My favourite subject is Physiology.

Writing today of my favourite subject. All subject are important for education as a vet, but all people has favourite subject. My favoutire subject is Phisiology, because I have to apply some concepts learned in other subject.

Is so interesting know like thing work in the body, know how to breathe, how the heart beats, are thing that explain the Physiology.

Is so important this subject for diagnostic of diseases, because the incorrect application of a Physiological concept can  kill a patient.

Application in my favourite subject in the career, is related with diagnostic of a disease, cheeckout of patient and in sugery is very important know physiological parameters, for example for to go to anesthesia, because I can even kill the patient. 

Although that is my favourite subject, in Physiology, I have no good marks, but I just hope better mark. Is a subject very entertaining, and study for test is not stressful, even more I like it.

Working Field is occupied all the time for vet in cheeckout. Physiological alteration that causes problem in the cow, it affect milk production, for example. On the other hand in a sugery keep physiological parameters is very important for life of patient.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Juan Carlos...

Juan Carlos is the vet of my animals, he's a person with a personality  some different, He speech little with owner, only observes animals, but He's have a big heart. 

He works like voluntary in an association of Animal protection like vet,  furthermore of attend their clinic. 

When I go to clinic with my pet, I see that He to accept animals, although their owners Not Has money for consult. 

Never Forget, When I found to Cuxa, now my cat. Cuxa had been hit for some person, Juan Carlos decided to start treatment (surgery), without He thinking about money. After of surgery, we talked of the payment.

Juan Carlos, despite that He sees like a person cold , He is so affectionate with their patients. I'm surprised the conection that he have with their patients, I hope to have that conection with my patients.

Juan Carlos, furthermore He's good person, He's good vet and always he seeks the form of help to owner, He also teaches to owner that thing they should do with your pet.
Now I just hope that in 4 more year, I'm a good veterinarian like Juan Carlos, and can save more animals.

Susan... :)

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

My career... my life

When I decided studied veterinary medicine, I was for love to animals and for I thought how was could things change? I thought the way that teacher to people how to treat their animals. Career is very important for creating awareness in people about animal welfare. I was difficult take decision of change my life, but I love for animals I was more important.
The way that arrive of university of chile, It was a coincidence, because I thought in studying at universiy of concepcion, because I hate Santiago, but now that i'm here, I Love my university and I thik that are thing of life for I arrived to santiago.
Now I just hope that in 4 more year, I'm a good veterinarian and I can change view of people about to animals.

I love all animals, in specially cow!!!.


viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

My blog...

Hi!, I'm Susan, I study veterinary medicine in Santiago, although I wanted study dance, but it is very difficult in this country. I was born in Arica,  I miss my family and my friends, especially to Natty my partner,  my best friend, like my sister. From I arrive to Santiago, my  life change, the things in santiago city are difficult, because is as all as fast, people, car, life in this city is stressfull. I miss sound of sea on the rocks, quiet of my city, my brother that in  summer he was my coach and my friend, he's someone important and especial in my life.
In my house I have pets, my daughter Cuxa Paulina(cat) and my sister Sasha alejandra (dog),  where i live I haven't pet, because aunt Sandra is allergic. The last year i've once cat, Sophie. 
People the picture in my blog they are my friends and my brother Oscar. Picture of my holydays.
This blog is very important to me, because I want to learn and practice.
In picture of post is my brother Oscar.